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Originally Posted by richard99 View Post
The setup is working very good and calls get through to Skype. Is it possible to configure and call out more then one Skype account in this setup.
Theoretically yes....practically it gets complicated...

In Net2Max there is an InternetPhone button, and a SIP Phone option in that menu...if you reach that menu, and you actually have codecs enabled (meaning you can register Net2Max with a SIP Device then things should work)....I say this because it seems depending on how your acct. was setup, at least for me (and I wrote the guide) the codecs never seem to get enabled...

In any case, if you can manage to use Net2Max via sip, you could then add it as provider in VoXalot for example (just outgoing calls)...You can then create Speed Dials of the sort 099SkypeName via Net2Max for multiple Skype Users (Speed Dials in VoXalot)

Hope that gets you started...
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