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Default not-auth-pstn ; if caller is _1NXXNXXXXXX


I use few outgoing calls to PSTN from VOIP and more incoming calls to VOIP from PSTN.

I'm using IPKall PSTN number 360-xxx-xxxx to reachout GlobalVillage (GV) VSP by using GV number and SIP-proxy

It was working for me initially, but recently IPkall 360-xxx-xxxx number is not forwarding calls to GV, it gives message "You at not authorized to call out using the PSTN"

It appears if caller id has pattern "_1NXXNXXXXXX" that results in GV to play not-auth-pstn message and block the call apparently.

====google results
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Playback(not-auth-pstn)

If I dial from PSTN Access numbers available at SIP Broker followed by *SIP Code (*488) and their GV VoIP number i get same play back not-auth-pstn message.

Is there a way to route calls from PSTN to GV via voxalot/SIP broker PSTN?


switch my ATP device to configure other VSP like fwd or voxalot. But don't know how calls can be made to PSTN from voxalot or fwd.
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