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Originally Posted by max View Post
When I dial 'PSTN access numbers'+*011-1-123456 and I have 15" 'no static' and 'busy' then. Calling using another provider is OK.

Any ideas?
It's a little hard to diagnose these things "blind", but two thoughts came to mind:

1) Is your "alias" really 123456 on SIP Broker? As I mentioned in my previous post, that was a bogus "number"/"Alias" picked for illustration only! Use a "number" that makes more sense to you. For example, if your telco number was 1-555-555-1234 (and I know it isn't as that isn't a valid telco number), you could mimic this by putting in 5555551234 as your "alias" (on the SIP Broker account page). Then, someone would call you (for example, via one of the SIP Broker PSTN numbers) using:

So is there any chance you didn't substitute the "alias" of your choice, but instead just tried to dial *011-1-123456 ?

2) My other question would be "what did you use to call the PSTN number"? If it was a VoIP service (even if using a different adapter or computer than your primary account), you might have problems with the testing! In general "calling yourself" (i.e. out your router, and back in) via VoIP often fails (do to the VoIP addressing getting confused in where the call is being sent), even if/when other callers (i.e. people calling from elsewhere on the internet) have no problem reaching you!

Because of this little fact (and I've been bit by it myself, when testing my own setup), I find it's usually best to make such "test calls" using some phone that has nothing to do with the VoIP on your end (i.e. use you cell phone if you have one, or your telco "phone line" if you still have that around, for the outgoing call). Yes, you may pay for a few minutes of LD charges this way (while doing your testing), but the test will be much more accurate (i.e. more closely represent what others see when calling you), if you make sure the phone you are calling FROM isn't seen as VoIP coming from your location (because VoIP to VoIP in the same location, even if/when using different adapters/computers, often doesn't work the same way as when only one end of the call is at your location)!!!
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