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Question VoxRoam aka CallThrough > WHEN please ?

I am premium member of Voxalot and I’ve been using this service for a few months already but one thing is missing at least for me > CallThrough. A don’t use an ATA but from time to time I use a Nokia E51 VOIP phone (but only me and not my family) and Voxalot handles all my telephony needs: I route 3 DIDs to regular phones (1 landline+2 cells) here and is my gateway to long distance + international calls. But since many family members use it via regular phones I need access and Callthrough to Voxalot through SipBroker. I have access numbers for my VOIP providers, but they are not local numbers and calling long-distance doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t even matter really whether they are local or long-distance numbers since I’d like to change VOIP providers without affecting access dial numbers (family members don’t “react” well to that).

For a few days a managed to create a Voxalot CallThrough via PBXes using the guide posted HERE, but PBXes blocked my account (had an older account that I forgot about) and I can’t unlock it until I upgrade to premium…and I won’t because I don’t like their policy > pay or be blocked since it was a free acount to begin with.
So is there any chance of getting CallThrough with Voxalot? I am more than happy with Voxalot so far and I'd like not to have to deal with someone else. There was some talk about that over HERE, it was called VoxRoam and was in beta. Is there any chance of public release after 2 years of Beta testing?

What is the official answer on this, can it be done or not? Thank you.

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