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Originally Posted by schufti View Post
@ thomas clausen

you could use a link like that

Providers for Denmark

to change the country, you have to change the code at the end. Look at the page-source to get codes. I don't know why they didn't use the countrycodes
Well not exactly, because what I was aiming at, was the ability to show what I see on this page: VoXaLot - Global VoIP Provider Index on my site (of course with links to Voxalot) like a jpg, gif or something, that's dynamic. Just like graphs from the online spreadsheet provider Zoho-sheet and EditGrid. If I update a spreadsheet on their servers, the png-picture of the graph is updated on my site.

The point in this is that Voxalot can use this as marketing on thousands and thousands of VoIP-pages (well at least as many as would put the info on their site - hence the better the info, the more likely people are to expose it). By giving a little, they would gain a lot of free advertising.
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