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Originally Posted by gedm View Post
Is anyone here using Voxalot with a Billion 7402 VGP?

I have got accounts with Astratel, Freshtel and sipme. I have tried all of them with voxalot and have found the call quality to be choppy at both ends. Without voxalot, Astratel is very good, Freshtel is good outbound but no good inbound, sipme is usually pretty good.

Has anyone else had any problems?

I use Voxalot with a Billion 7402 VGP. I have tried SIPMe and SpanTalk, and both work, but give 'choppy' reception at times. A lot of the time, it seems as if there is only one-way communication permitted, and part of sentences can get deleted at the receiver's end. Sometimes, I can't even dial. I upgraded my broadband from 512/128 (DL/UL) to 1500/256, and it didn't make any difference. I don't know what to do now.

My Billion 7402 VGP VoIP dial plan configuration is (x.T|*x.T<:@VoXaLot>|11T<:@SpanTalk>), where VoXaLot stands for, and SapnTalk stands for

Any assistance?

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