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I've just done another test that can help:

Using my ATA I left my VoXaLot line occupied. Then I called from the X-PRO extension 200 to VoXaLot extension 300. As expected VoXaLot automatically answered the call (voicemail). I saw this in PBXes status. Just like the other times I saw in the X-PRO display that no codec was selected. I couldn't hear my voicemail greetings. I waited 30 seconds and hung up. Then I checked my VoXaLot voicemail and I saw that it recorded a "zero length" message (registered date, time, but no recorded voice message itself). That means: no audio on both sides. Graphically it is this way:
X-PRO ==> PBXes extension 200 ==> PBXes extension 300 ==> VoXaLot ==> VoXaLot voicemail

Now there's only PBXes and VoXaLot in the test, what clearly show the problem starts here.
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