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I recently started having problems with this setup and I have made no changes during the entire life of the setup. I lost all my notes from when I first set this up, but I have made no changes at all. The service was working for some time and just recently, more and more features have begun falling off. I am having one way audio problem when I dial out from my SPA2102 to Voxalot which utilizes my CallWithUs account outbound. I had the same one way audio problem on inbound to my CallCentric DID routed to Voxalot.

Then I tried tonight to change the port on my SPA2102 from port 5060 to port 5070, changing it both on the ATA and the Voxalot login panel. Now when I dial the CallCentric DID linked to voxalot, it will not ring through at all to my SPA2102 that is configured for Voxalot. The CallCentric website shows a record of the call received but the phone never rings attached to the ATA.

I do notice on my CallCentric account, "inbound DID to voxalot" that the CallCentric account is labeled "not registered". I don't have a record nor do I recall if this registration was enabled in the past or not. Did something change recently with Voxalot?

P.S. Actually this may have been broken for quit a while now, as I don't really use this number very often.

When I dial *600 from the SPA2102 (configured for Voxalot), the echo test sounds as expected; audio flows both ways.
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