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Originally Posted by 325xi View Post
I have few sub-accounts at my DID provider (one sub-account for each DID).

1. Is it OK to make separate registrations from one Voxalot account to few different sub-accounts of the same provider, to have all DIDs taken care of? I would have to do something like callwithus1, callwithus2, etc. Each sub-account has its own credentials, but the same SIP proxy.

2. In Call Forwarding, will I be able to treat those above as separate "providers" for time rules?

My ultimate goal is to be able to set separate time-based forwarding rules for each of my DIDs, all of which belong to the same provider.

As long as for each subaccount you have a different username, then as far as VoXalot is concerned each one is a separate registration....and can be routed as a separate provider...
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