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Default Cool from Belgium !

I see you come from am I.

- Well, first of all, congrat' for your FritzBox; I have a D-link DVG-G1402S and doesn't worth a cent.

- Ipness seems to work directly with an ATA, but I wasn't able to get Ipness working with voxalot. It says registered, but when I call my number, it's "unreachable"..
here the things you have put to get registered by voxalot (but again, it doesn't work):

username: enter phonenumber
password: enter password:username
SIP server:
Port : 6060

- If your providers are registered and working, it wont be webcallback, it will be as if you make a normal call.

- don't forget to add dial plans : remove the "0" and add 0032 for your numbers in Belgium.

Welcome again,
And good luck !!!!

NB : Ik spreek geen goed Nederlands maar U kant Frans spreken met mij.
Si vous parlez francais, vous pouvez toujours m'envoyer un message privé pour de l'aide
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