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Originally Posted by vpsaini
Hi, This is a problem with my ATA. I have setup a dial plan like 00xx. in the ATA dial plan and hence can not dial a number like 500 or *010... via Voxalot. Now my home PC is down and I can not configure the ATA. I feel this may be a problem with many who may not have PC access many times. Now I wanted to setup a dial plan in Voxalot dial plans at office. But I found that I can not chose Voxalot as provider in the dial plans.. I feel if voxalot can also be added as provider in the dial plans, than there will be no need to configure ATA at any moment..
Hi Vishnu,
What ATA are you using? If you want to just use VoXaLot to do all the dialplan work and not your ATA, then the best way of doing things is to have a "catch all" dialplan in your ATA, then you can just modify your VoXaLot dialplan from anywhere you can access the internet (assuming you have your ATA registered with VoXaLot and don't just have VoXaLot as a gateway). If 00xx. is the only dialplan rule in your ATA, then only calls starting with a 00 will get through to VoXaLot. Nothing else will work. A "catch all" will be something like x. or xxx. etc.
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