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Originally Posted by ArtSoft View Post
I configured the voicestick inbound exactly as I have it working well in my Sipura SPA3102:

Username: Voicestick number
From Domain:
Port: 5060
Codecs: g729;g723;g726;ilbc;gsm;ulaw;alaw

This config does not register via the voxalot for hours. Anyone knows how to register the Voicestick as inbound provider for voxalot?
VoiceStick cannot be registered with VoXalot (or for that matter PBXes or MySipSwitch).... for incoming calls

However, you should be able to use it for outgoing just fine (so might as well set SIP Register to NO)

This is the way I've got it setup (outgoing calls only):

Provider Name: VoiceStick
From User: Number
From Domain:
Username: Number
Codecs: ulaw;alaw;g726;g729;ilbc;gsm
Port: 5060
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