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Default Best Quality - Sip Broker or VoXaLot?

Which peering service should I use, VoXaLot or SIP Broker.

I have set up direct IP dialling to my SPA3000 with a SIP Broker Alias and VoXaLot forwarding pointing to my DNS. Now that VoXaLot has upgraded its server, should I get my friends to call me on my VoXaLot number *01051xxxx rather than my SIP Broker number *0116151xx? ie will I get the benefits of less latency with the new VoXaLot server? I have my family in Adelaide calling the PSTN local number in Adelaide, and I have a choice of giving them the VoXaLot or SIP Broker number. FYI, the SIP Broker Ping is 231 ms average and the new VoXaLot is 30 ms

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