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v164 is a jewel in the roughv164 is a jewel in the rough

What I'm trying to achieve, is automatic ENUM lookups on my outgoing calls, and having calls that don't match ENUM going via Pennytel (or other) with no additional latency caused by the voice packets going via VoXaLot.

Once I've got that set up, it will then be a "cookie-cutter" solution that others can copy.

Since at the moment it seems to be impossible to get VoXaLot to stop proxying the media (at least, in the case of, one solution might be to have my SIP phone try the number via for the ENUM lookup ( does not have an RTP proxy). This works fine for the ENUM lookup, however the problem is trying to get the "automatic PSTN fallback" part to work. I get the impression that that only works with particular SIP devices (sipura / linksys, etc). I can't seem to get that to work with my Atcom AT-530, or with the X-Ten lite softphone.

For the time being, I've put a dial rule in my SIP phone's dial plan so I can manually try the number via
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