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Originally Posted by kieranmullen View Post
By the looks of it one has to dial a # and then number for the service selected.
Yes, that is correct. In my opinion two toll-free providers are enough for the average user. When configuring a phone for an average user, I usually configure the two best toll-free providers, one without the 1, the other with the 1. This portion of the dial plan should come before the portion that handles paid calls, and looks something like this.


Note that ":5060" is needed after each host name if the ATA is configured with "Use DNS SRV:" and "DNS SRV Auto Prefix:" both set "yes". This is not necessary for because there exists a DNS entry that will get you to no matter if the ATA does a DNS SRV lookup on

Originally Posted by kieranmullen View Post
2) then send to default provider prepended with a 9 for call numeric calls
As far as I know further dial plan processing cannot be done in the ATA after SipBroker has failed to find a route for that number. When SipBroker fails to find a route it returns "300 Redirect" and instructs the ATA to try calling the number at the default proxy. If this default proxy is someplace that offers dial plan processing, such as Voxalot, then of course further dial plan processing can occur there.
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