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Originally Posted by kieranmullen View Post
Using linksyspap2t dial string
Dialing toll free numbers does nothing? Am I the only one?
It works fine. Maybe the toll-free termination provider was having some technical difficulty at the time of your attempted call. Some toll-free numbers check the CID number before answering, as they wish to pay for incoming calls only from certain areas.

When you use SipBroker for toll-free termination you get kind of a roulette choice of termination providers, not all of which can reach all toll free numbers. Rather than using SipBroker for toll-free calls, I prefer to choose the providers with the lowest ping time from my IP address to their RTP connection address. Below are a few providers along with their RTP address (as of last time I checked). Some of these providers accept toll-free numbers with or without the 1 (country code).

Dial plan entry to get you there			RTP connection address

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