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Default Using same provider in two Voxalot accounts

I have run into a snag when trying to set up the same provider in two different Voxalot accounts. It seems like the provider registration status field does not accurately reflect what is going on.

I want to have a provider defined in two separate Voxalot accounts, with the same username and password, but only registered in one of them ('SIP Register' set to 'Yes'). This way I can receive calls with first Voxalot account, but in the second account I only want to use this provider for outgoing calls.

The problem is that the provider shows up as 'Registered' in the second account also, even though it should not be registered.

Everything seems to be working fine, but I am left wondering whether this is just a problem with the status field, or if there are reasons why I should not attempt to use the same provider in two Voxalot accounts.

Can someone clarify?
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