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Unhappy I am having a problem with Voxlot when using Exetel

I am having a problem with Voxlot when using Exetel as a VoIP provider. At times I can hear the caller but they cannot hear me or vice versa, Exetel VoIP isn't reliable when used with Voxalot under some cicrumstances.

If I use Exetel directly, without Voxalot, it works 100% without any problems whatsoever. I actually have 3x Exetel VoIP services, one is on separate equipment and the others are being used through Voxalot.

Calling two Exetel numbers that are both connected via Voxalot (SIP registered) gives trouble too.

This problem has existed for quite a long time.

Andrew McGlashan Yes, Paul and I have had problems forever trying to communicate using Exetel VoIP numbers through Voxalot, the alternative for us is to call using Voxalot numbers, but Exetel to Exetel should work... I wish this could be resolved.
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