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Default I doubt this is a voxalot problem...

Originally Posted by voxalothelp View Post
same thing happened for me also. failed registration without any notification. after 3 days there is no solution for it. which means VOXALOT is not reliable !
This is not the first time. every month there are like these bugs.
and of course the service is not free.
From my personal experience, I can say that this kind of problems are not voxalot fault or bug. What is happening is that some VSP are changing their rules without prior or public notice, blocking registrations from services like voxalot when they are wildly known. So, from my experience, there are two kinds of non working VSP registration with voxalot:
  1. Some providers require strange configurations. In some of these cases you can not register from voxalot because you need, for example, an outbound proxy with different address (different IP and domain name) and port. In such case it's not possible to register that provider with voxalot because they have some strange requirements not supported by voxalot. That is the case of the portuguese through their Telepac and Sapo VoIP products.
  2. Some other providers intentionally blocks their service when connecting from some known IP addresses, namely those supporting services like voxalot. When doing that they are intentionally trying to prevent that their customers uses another VSP and, from such politics, they are hopping to increase their revenue. I think that in long term this is a bad politic for those providers, because people are not always so stupid. In events like what I'm describing here, these blocking are never assumed publicly, as it happened with Gizmo after Google's acquisition, and they born without prior notice. If you ask those providers what is happening, they tend to blame services like voxalot (may be the person who responds to you don't know and don't understand what is happening).
These remarks are made from my personal experience and from what I've seen. The VSP in question I don't know for lack of experience with it, but I guess that what is happening is something like I've described above.
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