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Default Call Quality and Voxalot

Hi all,
I am a voxalot user for last couple of months and really thankfull for such a great service. For last couple of weeks I am experiencing some forms of call quality issues. Either the call completion takes more time than it used to be and lot of noice in the calls. Quite often, I wont even get the call connected and seems like it is dialing for ever.

I put some test to find whether the issue is with my VoIP provider or with voxalot. What I did is in my PAP2T-NA I connected one line directly in to my Voip provider and other line through voxalot account. What I have seen to my surprise is the call quality issue is only when I call through the voxalot. I am using the same provider in voxalot to complete the calls. That is giving me a huge surprise. When called directly giving excellent call quality and while through voxalot, too much noice and call completion time is longer.
(My Provider is registered in voxalot with Register=Yes)

My question for you experts are ;

#1) Did any one faced similar issue like this? Is there any setting which my provider is making at their end to have the call quality better while using their service?

#2) Is there any work arounds for increasing the call quality through voxalot?

#3) Or is this has something to do with the load in voxalot server ?

Any help or suggestions to get this fixed is highly appreciated.

Shibu Raj
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