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Originally Posted by ozimarco View Post
That is too easy! You create 3 SIP accounts:, and .

You create your 3 SIP Providers. Tick the Register box on each provider.
For provider1, enter the Register Contact as
For provider2, enter the Register Contact as
For provider3, enter the Register Contact as

That's all that's needed. No need to enter anything in the In Dial Plan.
Sorry for bothering you, but I need your help, it seems you understood how incoming calls work at SipSorcery.

I have a similar situation as Juste, I tried to do as you said but it doesn't work.

This is what I am trying to do: I have a SIP provider registered (let's call it SIP 1) and I am trying to forward all incoming calls from SIP 1 to a PSTN phone number (let's call it PSTN 1) by using a VSP provider (let's call it VSP 1). It is basically a "clasic" Voxalot callforward rule.

What I have done:
1. SIP registered both SIP 1 and VSP 1
2. Incoming call rules
- Match Call To > TO Sip Provider > Select SIP 1 (from what I understand, if SIP 1 rings ....)
- Destination > PSTN 1 @ VSP 1 (dial PSTN 1 by using VSP 1)
3. Save and select it under Sip Accounts.

So what am I missing here, why it doesn't work? Outgoing Call rules work, but Incoming are a no go. I am using SimpleWizard dial plans and not Ruby, it looks more like Voxalot and it is faster to learn.

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