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The * at end is a typo. When I copy and paste the dial plan this character appears in notepad as an upside down question mark and as an * in this forum space.
My ATA has the feature of the last number called and is showing the correct format being sent to Voxalot.
I tried a different account and added a provider but got exactly the same problem with outgoing calls and speed dial.
Echo test works fine.
As for the issue of registration holding on - not so as I can check where the registration is with the diagnostic feature on the Pennytel website. Also I can make all calls through the four gateway accounts set up on my ATA.
It's a pity Voxalot does not have some diagnostic features to enable the debugging of this problem.

After days of frustration I finally cracked it.
In my SPA3102 User 1 tab there is a Block CID Setting:no
Somehow this got changed to yes and when I set this back to no all began to work fine.
Relief at last.

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