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Smile Converting special numbers

Thanks affinity,

I was using 911 as an example - maybe bad 'cause of all the other issues it raises... Say i want 411 to convert to 800 Goog 411. Does somebody know what string to put into the Dial Plan: line? Is there documentation of that somewhere? I'm trying to avoid the complication of setting up a PBX just to route special numbers.

About emergency dialing - the US is a big place I used to live in NYC were the call center is important. Here in our town, all the emergency calls go into a local number so 911 in our case go to the local number that dispatches police fire ambulance. Most likely if we were calling, we'd be using one of the 4 mobile phones we have in the house...

On the 3102 Line 1 setup there is an "Emergency Number" field any idea what that does?

Originally Posted by affinity View Post
I'm not sure about the US, but in AU we are better off dialing the emergency number direct (000 in our case) -- the local police station may or may not be manned and furthermore emergency calls
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