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Same request for me, please!!!

I switched several family members and friends to Voxalot, but me and some of them are blocked because we cannot rely on an ISP mail. Some are constantly moving from place to place; the only way we have is an online mail.
There are other online mails than the three well known, but there are much more security issues! And you'll probably cut access too in some weeks or months...

Please let us use Voxalot, at least for the existing accounts, even if you block account creation with that kind of address.
If you have problems with automatic account creation/piracy/spam, there are many other ways to solve them. Even if I have to confirm 50 check/confirmation mails, I'll do it.... but I definitively cannot rely on something else than an online mail. And, please, even if M$ and Yahoo had many security flows in the past, don't put GMail in the same area... The security and reliability of GMail has nothing to do with Hotmail and other similar s***s. And be sure that the last ISP mail I had was much more dangerous than GMail!

Please let us use Voxalot.
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