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Default Voxalot + ActionVoip (BetaMax) - Cant make outbound calls

Hi team;
First of all thanks for providing an excellent service and support.
Lately I am facing an issue with making out bound calls. I have two BetaMax accounts along with some other VSP like Les.Net.

BetaMax accounts are 1) ActionVoip and 2) VoipCheap.

I am able to make calls through all VSP except ActionVoip. VoipCheap another Betamax VSP works fine.

Is there any thing specific I need to do. Any one can please help me on this issue. The following are the details for the ActionVoip VSP.


SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your actionvoip username
Password : your actionvoip password
Display name/number : your actionvoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

I took the above details from their website only. Any help is highly appreciated.

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