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Default SPA 3000 configuration for Voxalot Voicemail?

Howdy All,

I have my SPA 3000 registered with Voxalot on Line 1 (and can do it on the PSTN side if required). I would like both voip and PSTN calls to go to Voxalot voicemail if they are not answered.

I have checked many threads on this forum and many people seem to be trying to do this in many ways, some seem to work but others don't, I can't seem to get mine to work with any of them.

If it is possible to do this, could someone please describe how to configure a SPA 3000 to direct unanswered voip or PSTN calls to Voxalot voicemail? I think this would be helpful for others.

Finally, if possible I would like to get a chance to enter a PIN if calling from the PSTN and access my voip gateways. I know this is not a Voxalot function but it would need to work with the voicemail setup.

I am currently running 3.1.10 GWd on the SPA 3000 and use Voxalot mostly for incoming calls from DIDs, I have a detailed dial plan in the SPA that accesses appropriate VSPs for different types of calls.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Ashley Aitken
Perth, Western Australia
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