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Default Problems Voipbuster/*500/*600 outgoing


I have an IPkall account link to voxalot. This is working nice.
I have tried with and without STUN.

I can't make voipbuster calls nor voicemail calls..
It connects if i look @ pap2.. But bytes are not received.
Call 1 State: Connected
Call 1 Tone: None
Call 1 Type: Outbound
Call 1 Encoder: G729a
Call 1 Decoder: G711u
Call 1 Peer Phone: *500
Call 1 Duration: 00:00:04 :
Call 1 Packets Sent: 139
Call 1 Packets Recv: 0
Call 1 Bytes Sent: 33360
Call 1 Bytes Recv: 0

1 dailpan:
1 _00xxxx. ${EXTEN} VOIPbuster Yes

I would really like to use the voxalot account for both dialing and receiving calls.. It's so nice..
This is driving me nuts

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