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Talking Problem solved

The problem has been solved.

I gave up! LOL.

Engin's locked box system is just too flakey.

There were firmware issues stopping you from entering settings.

Updating the firmware and doing a factory reset causes the box to revert back to being locked.

engin even sent a new box, -promissing that it would never revert to being locked again.

First factory reset and it too was locked again and un accessable.

I gave up.

Went out and bought a Billion 6404VGP.

Fantastic bit of Kit!

I am now registered on both VOIP ports with Voxalot.

I have Pennytel sitting under one, and CheapVOIP sitting under the other as providers.

Setting it all up was a breeze.

My advice to anyone else going through the saga of the engin locked box disaster.

>>> DON'T <<<

Remove the engin factor! Enjoy hastle free VOIP with a decent provider!
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