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Default How can I fwd calls directly to my VM?


If get a phone call (..->voxalot->Phone) how can I send this call directly to my VoiceMailBox (VM) instead of waiting 30 sec and about 6/7 rings?

My phone (SPA941) allows only numbers in any CFWD-fields: no '#', '*', '@'!
So I have to enter a special no. like 123456789 and in my voxalot dialplan I would need to enter a direct-VM-address.

Right now I have a second voxalot-account and I fwd the call to that address and I am not registered at this second account.

My suggestion: At Dial Plan-> Advanced Mode -> Provider
(where you have: one's providers, VoXaLot and SipBroker and a -)
you add the option VoiceMailBox, meaning the calls are forwarded to the VM to be recorded (not the Menu, of course).

Anyway thanks for this great service,
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