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Default Call Forwarding (Call Connection) problems?

I have some incoming providers forwarding to three PSTN/Mobile numbers depending on a provider, same set-up for a couple of years. For the past few days it seems the forwarding is just not working at all. The calls from the providers that should be forwarded are coming in fine and are actually ringing on my Voxalot number like if the inbound rules have stopped working completely.

It is a simple forwarding from providers in SipSorcery and it is forwarded via Localphone. Just to eliminate Localphone as a problem I tried a couple of other providers as well and I tried forwarding to a sip uri with the same results - the forwarding is disregarded and the incoming calls are still ringing directly at my Voxalot number.

Before I start messing with my elaborate set up, did anybody else noticed similar problem or is there something in the system, or something else has changed, within the last week or so, that I should take into consideration?

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