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Originally Posted by affinity
Another solution....
- have you got a phone number that nobody should be calling (perhaps because it a number for a multi-line phone service)?

If so, then you could setup an ENUM on the number, answer the call to verify and set the ENUM to redirect to the required SIP URI.

Another 'possible' option is to use speed dials at voxalot -- I haven't got one to work yet, but I'm sure others have.
A related solution could be to send the number 8899060XXXXXXXX - that is your number without the *69 - and detect it in Voxalot with 8899060XXXXXXXX (that is 15 digits starting with 8899060 so likely to be unique) then add the *69 as a prefix to ${EXTEN}. That is really easy - if it works !!
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