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Unhappy both devices ring, but no outcoming calls on one


had set up a SPA2102 with my premium Voxalot account a year ago and everything works perfect.

Now I have set up a second location (different IP, different network etc.) with an AG188N registering to the same Voxalot account. The ATA says it is registered and I can receive incoming calls without problems.

However I can only call out directly after the device has registered, after a while of inactivity this is no longer possible (no connection at all or "busy" signal). Not even the Voxalot service numbers work. The device is still registered and I can still receive inbound calls though.

Strange thing is that the AG188N never shows up as registered device in my Voxalot homepage - as far as I understand, this always displays the latest registered device.

I am using the EU Voxalot server for both devices - should I switch one of the devices to another server? Or what else could be the problem?
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