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What if you tried these settings?

* Handle VIA received: no
* Handle VIA rport: no
* Insert VIA received: no
* Insert VIA rport: no
* Substitute VIA Addr: yes
* Send Resp To Src Port: yes
* STUN Enable: yes
* STUN Test Enable: no
* STUN Server:
o NOTE: You can replace the above STUN server with any STUN server you like...
o NOTE: Leave this setting blank, STUN will figure this out for you...
* EXT RTP Port Min:
o NOTE: Normally you can leave this blank, but you can set this if you have a specific need
* NAT Keep Alive Intvl: 45
o NOTE: Use an value SHORTER than the "timeout" value in your router.

In the VOIP tab,
set "NAT Mapping Enable: yes"
set "NAT Keep Alive Enable: yes"
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