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Originally Posted by ctylor View Post
Usually the fault of the firewall/NAT blocking traffic. What are your STUN settings in the SPA-3000? How about if someone calls your Voxalot address directly by a SIP URI call via something like the Gizmo Project softphone--does two way audio work there?
I tested it over a SIP call and still get silence.

Normal calls work over my firewall - would I need different settings in the firewall for SIP calls?

STUN Settings on the SPA SIP tab are:

NAT Support Parameters: no
Handle VIA received: no
Handle VIA rport: no
Insert VIA received: no
Insert VIA rport: no
Substitute VIA Addr: no
Send Resp To Src Port: no
STUN Enable: no
STUN Test Enable: no
STUN Server:
EXT RTP Port Min:
NAT Keep Alive Intvl: 15

Anything there that looks incorrect for SIP calls?
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