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Default Cant get Voxalot to work with Billion router 7402VGP


I have registered a VSP in VoXaLot and register port1 of the 7402 with VoXaLot, when people call my VSP SIP number I can hear them but they can not hear me!

Is there anything else I have to set up at the 7402 router? I use and port 5060 for everything. People is talking about Stunt server but I dont think my router knows about Stunt.

Has any one using Billion router with VoXaLot successfully? I did a search and found many threads on SPA ATA there are not many on Billion routers, I am the only one who has the problem or Billion and VoXaLot dont mix ?

BTW, I have no problems with voicemail and echo test


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