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As has been posted many times before, when the service is down, the service status page should display the correct position. I spent hours wrestling with why I could not make any calls via Voxalot.
At first I thought is one of my service providers, which I cannot check directly as the reason I am using Voxalot is as a SIP Proxy (ISP blocking port 5060).
What was really frustrating is that everything appeared to login and register but there was no sound at all.
When I pointed everything at I had no inbound sound and had to use a STUN server to resolve this.
Is it safe now to point back to and remove the STUN server?
As commented by many, we are paying for a service that we do not seem to receive. No one minds the odd technical glitch, but from what I read in this forum, it would appear that feedback is almost nil.
Can the service status not be automatically updated if one of the servers is down? This could be achieved if another device were to poll it, say every 5 minutes, and after the third failure generate an error message that could be used to automatically update the status. This is pretty standard practice elsewhere.

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