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Originally Posted by Jeannie View Post
Unfortunately I'm not allowed to publish the Sip network address (here or on Sipbroker). Might get abused. I got it from that service for my tests, after giving my word not to publish it.

I thought there may be some trick to assign it a dial-rule on my Vox, but it seems there isn't.. will have to do this in a different way

Thank you Emoci
My only other thoughs:

-Create a SipBroker account using as the username
-Once the registration is complete assign the SIP URI an alias from within your SipBroker acct. (eg. *011-123456)
-Now you can call *011-123456 from VoXalot ... given that you don't want * .. set a dial plan such that a call to 011123456 is converted to *011123456 via SipBroker as the provider

This is the equivalent of adding the provider to SipBroker ... except you're the only one that knows about it... and you can erase/change your acct. as you please
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