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Originally Posted by Jeannie View Post
Need help on how to create a dial rule, to make Voxalot call a specific Sip address, to be used within Liberailvoip callback settings.

The problems:
1. That Sip network is not supported by Sipbroker.
2. I cannot use the Voxalot 'speed-dial' feature for that, since LIV doesn't allow predefined callback numbers to include asterisks '*'

I know I can easily bypass that by adding another service into the mix (like MSS) - but the whole point is that it must be directly called from Voxalot, for a sensitive test I'm trying to run (must avoid extra latency/transcoding)

Any idea?
Thank you
What's the SIP Adress ... if it accepts third party SIP Calls ... I'm sure we can just add it to SipBroker...
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