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Originally Posted by jack View Post
[*] could offer an optional "strict" mode in which only numbers that have actually been verified are resolved. I assume that this is the method used by the other ENUM roots (,, etc.).
We sort of have this in place, all user verified numbers are given a preference of 100, all providers are given a preference of 200 and all non-geographical to geographical numbers are given a preference of 300.

Originally we allowed everyone to set their own preference and order, but changed this in subsequant policy choices to only allow people to set order, but not preference.

So these non-verified numbers can easily be excluded by ignoring anything with a preference over 100, also the system will return the most specific to least specific responses. is a directory service, we just return information in our database, it's up to the people requesting the information to handle it in a way best suited to them. Other directory services use varying policies, for the policy can vary on a per country, or perhaps smaller basis, to find out the actual policy for inclusion for each directory you would need to do a lot of research as I doubt you can make sweeping claims like that and the claim actually be true.
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