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The fault rests solely on Betamax, and how they calculate the Fair Usage Policy. Betamax calculates the fair usage policy by IP address, not by account. So if there is a multiple amount of people using Betamax on Voxalot, those FUP minutes quickly evaporate when spead amongst multiple Voxalot users that have separate Betamax accounts as a Voxalot Voice Service Provider. That is a rather crooked way for Betamax to do it, but that is the way they do it.

Voxalot is not passing the real IP, because it that is not what it does. It passes it's own IP, because that is what the voice service provider is registered to. I cannot see why Voxalot should jump through substantial technical hoops to satisfy one substandard VOIP carrier. I would complain to Betamax, but their past solutions was just to block Voxalot.

Betamax has had a history of dodgy dealings. I would personally not deal with such a company.

As Voxalot is not getting any compensation for this so called arrangement, there was no actual agreement. This mess rests solely on Betamax.
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