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Unhappy iNum, GTalk and Voxalot

I'm using GTalk and Voxalot. I got from voxalot iNum number 88351000491XXXX. A want to call my iNum number from GTalk ( When I call there is standart wait-for-answer tone, but my phone is not ringing. I try to connect to Voxalot with X-Lite instead of my VoIP-router, but still no ringing just standart tone in my GTalk. I was trying to reinstall GTalk and GVoice plugin, but still no results.
Interesting, that I was able to call and speak yestarday but today it stop working.
What is the problem? What can you advice?
P.S. I still able to call my iNum number from Betamax products like Poivy or VoipBuster.
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