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Originally Posted by vincenzo View Post
I see! But what does that have to do with my problems? Do you care to explain please?
I don't know the exact policy used by the referred VSP, but several problems, like yours, may arise from security measures, namely firewall rules that can reject connection from some IP addresses range, specific IP address, or authentication requiring non standard, or not usually used, methods.
There are several risks on open internet, so some security measures tends to be putted in place. However, this measures tends to give birth to several connections problems, so they must be balanced. There are other reasons why some of these measures are taken, namely commercial reasons. Voxalot doesn't do that, but several VSPs do. So, it's impossible to guarantee that open services like Voxalot will work with 100% possible configurations and VSPs. Voxalot can not control such things, so it must rely on complying with standards.
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