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Exclamation SOLVED: Budgetphone SIP registration stopped working

I've been a satisfied Voxalot premium user for over a year now.

Now I wouldn't post here unless I had a problem which I couldn't solve myself, which is the case now.

I use Budgetphone (Dutch SIP provider) to receive incoming calls, everything worked fine up till a few days ago. People told me I was unreachable, so I first checked my router setting (which I didn't change, but ok) and I then checked the Voxalot member page.

There is says: Failed

So basically it can't register anymore and no one is able to call me, unless they of course use the SIP-uri (which they don't because they all have PSTN or GSM).

To figure out if it was my account I set Budgetphone in my router, and I then called myself on my number, which worked fine.

So my guess is something is wrong on the Voxalot side or Budgetphone has been playing with the settings, not allowing Voxalot to register at their service anymore.

Could any of the officials here see what they can do about this? I would really like to be reachable to other people again.

Oh, and one more thing... I have 2 Voxalot accounts, both with a Budgetphone account set in it, and both stopped working. I don't think it's coincidence.

Thanks for your time so far!

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