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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
Normally if SIP Register is set to Yes, then it should show registered rather then -

However, you're not the first one to report this with CallCentric
That is exactly what it did for me but it doesn't fill me with confidence, there is know way of knowing without making a test call.

Originally Posted by emoci View Post
As for SipGate, I would take DracoFelis advice above step-by-step...whether it registers or not, the fact remains that receiving calls seems to work only from other SipGate users, not from third-party VoIP Users, and not from PSTN users (in fact lately this has been my experience with as well, which until not too long ago, appeared to work fine with SipGate)
I already had that setup based on some help from DracoFelis on another forum but it does have some disadvantages, like relying on my dyndns address etc and I lose some of the consolidation like VM for example.

I was really responding kurun saying "For the record, I have tested a Sipgate account in Voxalot and it does register", if the PSTN DID isn't going to work then there is no point for me.

Unfortunatley I don't think voxalot is the service for me, there are not enough advantages for me so I'm going to either:
1) Get an ATA that suports multiple connections
2) Set up my own IP-PBX Asterisk :: The Open Source PBX & Telephony Platform |

I just wish I could have tested this before signing up for a premium account.
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