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Originally Posted by bdlhome View Post
My first problem is that I couldn't/cant get one of those two accounts ( to register and reading these forums that it may be because sipgate are blocking?
Sorry about that. I didn't realize when I read your other post (on the Voxilla forums) that you were using one of the few providers that "black lists" the VoXaLot servers on their end. Because you are correct that the "easy" way to do this is to just register all providers with VoXaLot, and then have your ATA register with VoXaLot and you are done (beyond any work you may want to do to customize your VoXaLot dial plan and VoXaLot speed dials).

However, when dealing with a provider that blocks VoXaLot, that isn't an option. On to "plan B".

Originally Posted by bdlhome View Post
My next attempt to solve the problem was to use the forwarding options. I tried setting it to “” but couldn't get it to work (just got busy tone). However, if I use "" bypassing sipgate and directing directly to my hardware it works.
That sounds like a decent "plan B". Specifically, what I think will work is:

1) Leave sipgate on your SPA-3000 "Line 1", so that you can continue to receive calls (and make calls with them).

2) Setup VoXaLot on one of the SPA-3000's "gateways", so that you can send outbound calls (except the ones for sipgate) via VoXaLot.

3) Go to the VoXaLot "Call Connection (call forwarding)" tab, and make a rule to always forward inbound calls directly to the SIP URI of your adapter (bypassing sipgate, but not blocking the sipgate registration already on your adapter). Test this rule (to make sure inbound VoXaLot calls work) by calling one of the SIP Broker PSTN numbers ( SIPBroker - PSTN Numbers ) from some other phone, and entering *010 followed by your 6 digit VoXaLot number. If your VoIP adapter rings (and you can talk with yourself both ways when you pick up), you have inbound VoXaLot calls working!

4) Customize your SPA-3000 dial plan to allow you to dial out via sipgate, but send all other calls via (the SPA-3000 "gateway" for) VoXaLot.

5) Customize VoXaLot as you like (including the VoXaLot dial plans) to support your other providers.

At that point, you should be using VoXaLot for all call consolidations except for sipgate which your ATA talks directly with (because sipgate chose not to "play nice" with VoXaLot).

i.e. You have replaced the need to "register" with VoXaLot (which you can't do, because you are using the SPA-3000's only registration spot for sipgate) with a combination of the SPA-3000's "gateways" (which allow you to use VoXaLot for outbound calls) and VoXaLot forwarding calls directly to your adapter (which allows you to get inbound calls processed by VoXaLot). More of a PITA than I was thinking, yes. But at least it should be a way to get around sipgate's limitation imposed at their end.

NOTE: At this point in time, I'm actually getting my inbound VoXaLot calls via a forwarding rule directly to my ATA (and yes I did test this to make sure it worked). So in theory having VoXaLot forward directly to an ATA can work very well with a premium VoXaLot account (the VoXaLot forwarding feature is NOT available in the free/basic account however).

NOTE: I just carefully reread your post over on Voxilla, and it looks like your other provider is CallCentric. The good news about CallCentric (a SIP Broker sponsor, btw), is that CallCentric (as a company) chose to play VERY NICE with services such as SIP Broker and VoXaLot (the exact opposite of the approach sipgate took). As a result, it's easy to get CallCentric to work with VoXaLot. In fact, CallCentric will let you use their "call treatments" option to forward any call you like (on any schedule you like) to other VoIP providers (including, but not limited to, VoXaLot) reachable via SIP Broker FOR FREE (i.e. CallCentric doesn't charge anything for the call forward, as long as the call is being forwarded to a free VoIP location reachable via SIP Broker, even though per minute charges normally apply for other "forwarding" options with CallCentric!). The "trick" to make this happen, is to setup a CallCentric "call treatment" (active at all times) that forwards the call to **275 (CallCentric's code for SIP Broker dialing) followed by the normal SIP Broker code. Since the normal SIP Broker code for VoXaLot is *010 (followed by your normal 6 digit VoXaLot account number), the full CallCentric forwarding location is: **275*010 (followed by your 6 digit VoXaLot account). i.e. if your VoXaLot number was 123456, than having CallCentric forward (for free) to **272*010123456 would send the inbound call to your VoXaLot account (which would also ring your phone if you setup VoXaLot to forward the call directly to your adapter).

NOTE: For outbound only providers that could (at least in theory) be done via the SPA-3000's "gateways" (as well as providers you are "forwarding" to VoXaLot, such as you can do with CallCentric) it is actually NOT necessary to enable the "register" option (on that provider) in VoXaLot. Instead, you can make the outbound calls via VoXaLot's dialing rules (including full ENUM lookups, to see if the call can instead be completed for free via ENUM) without the register option enabled. Register (on the VoXaLot site) is therefore only necessary if/when your provider requires the "ATA" (in this case VoXaLot) to be "registered" to make outbound calls or you want to receive inbound calls without having the provider forward such calls to VoXaLot for you (and in the case of CallCentric, it's easy to have the provider forward the calls to **275*010{your-6-digit-voxalot-number}).
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