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Originally Posted by wildbill
I have Sipme and my ATA is registered to Voxalot and Sipme is set up as provider in Voxalot with Voxalot dial plans only - this works - bill
I had that working too and it works fine but does not solve my problem of inbound calls from a DID (I think).

For example, let's assume that my DID is 02 9451 2222. This is a number that I can give to people who don't use VoIP but regular PSTN telephones. This number has been provided to me by SIPME for $5 per month.

When they phone this number, Telstra switches the call to SIPME who then lookup that number in their database and find that it maps to (my VoIP number). SIPME then route that call to my ATA and my telephone rings. The only problem is that since I have registered my ATA with Voxalot, SIPME think that I have my ATA turned off and they don't have my TCPIP address, so they can't send the call to me. Net result is that my phone does not ring.

One solution I know of is that if SIPME look my number up with sipbroker, then they will find that 02 9451 2222 is really SIPME could then route the call to voxalot who could then route the call to my ATA because I have registered with them and thus they know my TCPIP address.

I don't believe SIPME do this.

The other option is for me to request SIPME to point the DID provided to me to 8XXXXXX@voxalot so that when someone rings 02 9451 2222, the call gets routed to Voxalot, they see that I'm connected because I've registered with them, route the call to me and I hear my phone ring.

I don't believe that SIPME will do this either, even though it doesn't really cost them anything. They get paid by me for outgoing calls not incoming calls.

Sorry for being so specific but in trying to find a way around this problem I've run across some suggestions people have provided that are wrong, perhaps from them not fully understanding the problem.

If I am completely wrong here, then someone PLEASE let me know.
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