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Looks like they deleted my previous (summer of '09) posts on this subject. A google search reveals that I made some posts, beginning on 7/24/2009 at 9:09 P.M., to the thread entitled "Voxalot and Sipura/ATA Tutorial: A Comprehensive Walkthrough." Those google results also show that thread became a multi-page one. Now, though, that thread contains just two replies and consists in a single page. I frankly don't see the sense in deleting all that material (attention forum admins). But in any case the issue I brought up there--and I posted about it in that thread since I assumed the settings I changed on my Sipura ATA on the opening post's advice might have been what caused caller id to cease working on my phone--appears to be resolved now, as described above. I'll post again to this thread if called id goes away again, even though changing the STUN server seems at this point to have brought it back.

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