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Hi Martin,

thanks for your quick response. I'll quickly explain how to reproduce the issue. This is my setup:
  1. Setup an ATA to register with Voxalot.
  2. Create a dial plan:
    Pattern: _0800.
    ENUM Lookup: 49${EXTEN:1}
  3. Test dial plan with any 0800xxxxxxx number (this is how you would dial the number if based in Germany). You will get:
    A call to:08001234567 will get forwarded to

    Also see: ENUM lookup result: 498001234567
  4. Dial 08001234567 using your ATA. You will get a fast busy tone and a 407 (Proxy authentication required) in the log.
And yes, the ATA is properly registering with Voxalot...

Any ideas? I have cancelled my fixed line, it will be switched off on Friday... If needed for testing: I own such a German toll-free number, but it is already registered with and the SIP-Route points to my Voxalot account, so it is currently the only number that works for me... :-(

Thanks for your efforts,

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