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I have had this problem using an GS HT-496, and a Nortel cordless phone (older phone, running on 27MHz).

MY ATA is set up to send the DTMF both via Audio and RTP signalling. Not sure if it makes a difference.

When it gets really temperamental, I find that the keypad on the base works much better.
Also, I hold each key down for about a second or 2 at least, with a 1 second delay between entering keys.

Some phones set the DTMF signalling duration to a very short interval, which might make this problem worse.

The interesting point is that this keying problem only seems to occur primarily with retrievinging voicemail and rarely if ever with regular dialling. I have noticed this with another provider also. Perhaps the "Comedian" mail module somehow has a different way of sensing the DTMF tones than the regular dialling module ??

Good luck !!

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