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Originally Posted by wilsonhlacerda View Post
New working solution for PBXes ==> VoXaLot !!!

As I only need one way call (provider ==> PBXes ==> VoXaLot) I've just tried a new solution and this one works fine!
I read through the whole thread, and maybe I missed it, but is there a sullotion for the opposite direction?

I created a provider:
PBXes myaccount-300 Yes - [Edit] [Delete]
I created a dialplan:
Priority Pattern Replacement Provider Active
1 _ZXXXXX ${EXTEN} VoXaLot Yes [Edit] [Delete]
2 _[124-9]XX ${EXTEN} VoXaLot Yes [Edit] [Delete]
7 _3XX ${EXTEN} PBXes 300 Yes [Edit] [Delete]

The extensions I want to reach in PBXes all start with "3", therefor I excluded "3" in rule number 2, and specifically tried to make a match in rule 7 for numbers starting with "3".

I created extention 300 in pbxes.
Now voxalot logs in to extention 300 in pbxes (I assume).
I call "311" (an existing extention in pbxes) but I don't get any connection.

What did I do wrong?
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